Pacific Aerial Surveys, an Alan Kropp & Associates Company

Pacific Aerial Surveys is the largest resource of archived aerial photography in Northern California offering stock and custom aerial photography. They have an extensive archive of historical vertical and oblique photography dating back to 1928. The majority of their photo collection is composed of vertical aerial photography, flown to scale, from the 1930s to the present. Their collections include the works of Oakland native, Clyde Sunderland (1900 - 1989), a pioneer in aerial photography, who spent 40 years photographing the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California from the air. The Clyde Sunderland Collection, maintained by Pacific Aerials Surveys, captures the history of the bay area to included the 7th Fleet with the USS Arizona, the famed Pan Am Clippers, Amelia Earhart, the construction of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, and the USS Macon.

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