Ken Herrington

Ken Herrington was born June 6, 1919 in Portland, Oregon. He served in WWII as a Chief Boatswain Mate on the USNS Chilton, and the USS Neville, and in the South Pacific and the North Atlantic. After the war he returned to the states and attended the Los Angeles School of Arts from 1946-1949. After graduating, he and his business partner, Wisconsin-native and Navy veteran RogerĀ Olson, started their photography business in Oakland, CA that they simply called Herrington-Olson Photography. They specialized in commercial and aerial photography. He learned to fly in 1950 and got his commercial license. In those days you couldn't legally charge customers for flying unless you were commercially certified. He took thousands of images that today are found in museums and private collections, many of which are of the East Bay hills.

Ken is a man of many interests, and he had little difficulty keeping busy once he retired in 1979. He had an photographic exhibit in 1982 in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History on the life of the Black tailed deer. In addition, Ken has had many articles published in Popular Science as an inventor and contributor. He was an avid outdoorsman and hunter, and these days he is an avid reader and is interested in the stock market and politics. He now lives with his son and family in Maryland.

Roger Olson died on April 3, 2004 He attended Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles and lived in Orinda, CA until he retired and moved to Gold Hill, Oregon in 1970 where he owned Rogue River Self Storage.

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