Key Rail Pix & John Stashik

Berkeley native John Stashik has had a fascination with railways ever since riding the Key System “F” line as a little boy. As a typographer living in El Cerrito, his vision was to create a resource where he could post as many photos of Key System streetcars and trains as possible for anyone interested in rail history to view. John got his chance to follow through on his dream through the creation of Key Rail Pix,, a WEB site generously provided to him by Sam Lewit, creator of Bay Area Rails: Then and Now at Photographer/Historian John Harder provided him with hundreds of photos for the Web site, and he kept adding photos as they became available. After having accumulated a huge volume of photos, he has created a single place where you can look closely and learn a lot about the Key System. And, true to his nature, he continues to add more images as he finds them.

John is also list owner of the Yahoo Groups Key_Route_Group (, one of several sites for discussion about rail, with a focus on the Key System. Although I never rode all the Key train routes, I have researched them and walked former right of ways, etc. I have a collection of employee timetables, bulletins, and what not; all providing lots of information. John is a Member of Bay Area Electric Railroad Association.