Reginald McGovern

Redwood City native, Reginald “Reg” McGovern is best known as an award winning newspaper photographer, recorded music producer, and author, but he also has contributed a unique set of photographs of the Sacramento Northern Railroad. In the early 1950s, Reg obtained permission from the Western Pacific to ride on the SN freight motors where he produced a series of pictures as seen from the view of the conductor of the train. Many of his pictures of the SN have appeared in the books published about the railroad. Reg has been taking photos since the late 1930s, and even had a try at aerial photography with the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII. He is best known for his first-to-the-scene action and sports shots while at the Redwood City Tribune. He has recorded and produced many recordings of marching bands from around the world for Fidelity Sound Recordings, and has co-authored three books for Arcadia Publishing (, titled Images of America: Redwood City, followed by Redwood City: Then and Now Series, and more recently Menlo Park with his wife Janet, and Nicholas and Betty Veronico. Reg died August 5, 2015 in Mountain View at the age of 95

Reg’s wife, Janet McGovern, a former newspaper reporter and columnist, and marketing professional for the San Mateo County Transit District has a new book, “Caltrain and the Peninsula Commute Service”, also published by Arcadia. The book has over 200 images showing how this rail line has evolved and transformed the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula.

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