Shafter Avenue Architecture I - Hudson to College
Shafter Avenue Architecture II - West Intersection with College
Shafter Avenue Architecture III- East Intersection with College
Shafter Avenue Architecture IV- Public Right-of-Way, College to Presley
Shafter Avenue Architecture V- Presley to Ross and Transition to the Private Right-of-Way
Shafter Avenue Architecture VI- Private Right-of-Way to the Patton Street Grade Crossing
Patton Street Beat and the Rockridge Flag Stop
Rockridge Panoramas and the Berkeley Rim
Origins of the Chabot School Berm
More Than Just Taking Out the Rails on Shafter
The Ghosts of Patton Street
More of Miles
Chabot Canyon
The Sacramento Northern's Other Tunnel
The White House of Rockridge Curve
Accounts of The Heimbold Legacy at Roble Road
The Roanoke-Reata Corridor and Views of Hillcrest Road
The Palm Trees of Rockridge Curve
Temescal Cut and Marie Way
Spur Stories I - the Early Years
Spur Mystery II - Decline and the Deep Creek Coach
Neighborhood Views at the Chabot Road Overpass
Foreshadowing a Freeway and BART
Lake Temescal & Terrace
Lake Temescal, the East Bay Municipal Utility District, and the Roaring Twenties
All Roads Lead to Temescal: Initial Construction in 1930s
All Roads Lead to Temescal- Final Configuration in the late 1930s
Completing the Landvale Link - Broadway Terrace Mystery 1936
Before the Freeway - Campi House and Broadway Terrace 1941
Before the Freeway - The Shelter, Hamilton’s Market and the East Side of Broadway Terrace 1941
Mountain Boulevard Freeway Unit 1 - Overview and Key Images
A Day at the Lake
Mountain Boulevard Freeway - Revising Landvale Road
Mountain Boulevard Freeway - Bridging Broadway Terrace
The Grade Crossing Exit and Entrance of Mountain Boulevard Freeway
Mountain Boulevard Freeway -Terrace Southeast Exit at Glenwood Glade I
Glenwood Glade’s Dark Secret
The Forgotten Trestle and Other Things Lost
Freights by the Lake in the Forties and Fifties
Where was the Thornhill Station Located?
Bye Bye Berm and other Mysteries
A Trip Through Montclair Village by Train
Crossing the Freeway I - Construction Sequence
Crossing the Freeway II - Views From the Hill
Crossing the Freeway III - Moraga Avenue Makeover, Estates Drive to Thornhill Drive
Crossing the Freeway IV - Comparative Before-and-After Views
Moraga Avenue - 1954 Makeover
Once Upon a Time at Thornhill Drive
Before the Mountain Boulevard Overpass
Forest Park and Wickham Havens
The Service Station in the Way of Mountain Boulevard Unit 2
Beyond Montclair to Joaquin Miller Road
Shepherd Canyon
Much Ado About the West Portal
Around Cape Horn or Melin Cut
Triangles of the Middle Canyon
Havens Heaven - Setting the Stage
Dating the Havens Shelter
The Greatest Show on Earth
East of Havens - Two Track Segment
Banning's Baffling Buildings
Tunnel Tales
Canyon and Pinehurst
Trestles in the Trees
The Garden of Eastport
Now Leaving Eastport, the Next Stop is Wilcox
Sequoia, Canyon Post Office and General Store, and the Celebrity Wigwag
In and Out of Canyon Station
Picnic Paradise - Introduction to Pinehurst
School Train, Excursions and Freights at Pinehurst
The Curve at Pinehurst and Reyes Cut
The Man Who Mistook a Driveway for A Creek
Where Were the Parks in Canyon and Pinehurst?
Moraga Comparative Views 1935 vs. 1960s
Central Moraga - Moraga Creek to the Barn
Central Moraga - Moraga Station to Moraga Road
St. Mary's College and Rheem Valley Comparative Views 1930s vs. 1960s
Not the Lafayette-Moraga Trail - Moraga Road to St. Mary's College
St. Mary's Road to the Station
St. Mary's Station to the Bridge
St. Mary's College - By the Deep Blue Sea
Mystery Crossing - Where did Roger Take the Picture?
Half Mile to Pinehurst and John R. Allen’s Home
Where was the Canyon Road SN Overpass?
Views from the Canyon Road SN Overpass
The Underserved Shelter and More About Valle Vista
The Big Curve, Three Quarries, and The Abandoned Spur at Augusta Drive
Augusta Drive and the Clubhouse Turn to the Moraga Creek Trestle
Orchards of Lafayette's Burton Valley - Moraga Border to the Station
Why Do We Cross St. Mary's Road in Burton?
Glenside - Overlooked by the Lens
Lafayette Loop Overview and the Many Guises of West Lafayette
Tip of The Loop - the Shelter, the Creek, and the Cut
The Double Track, Shelter and Rube Goldberg Contraption
Lining Up the Trees - Yorkshire to Hawthorne
Reliez, Raliez or Reliz?
The Orchards, the Tower, and Start of Olympic Boulevard
The Freeman-Kaiser Crossing
Dudley Thickens' Saranap - The Western Plains
Double Track Curve - Views to the West
Before Il Pavone and Other Insights into the Four Corners
Newell Avenue Back Through Time - Panoramic to Willow
Newell Avenue Back Through Time II- Bridge Road to the Curve
By the Old Oak Tree
Las Trampas Creek Crossing
Bueger's Crossing and the New Freeway
Alpine Road to the 1950 Walnut Creek Border
Why The Backyards Face Olympic Boulevard
Walnut Creek
The Old Versus the New - Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Main Street 1950s
Crossing Mount Diablo Boulevard
The Genesis of North California Boulevard - Mount Diablo Boulevard to the Walnut Creek Station
Dealings at the Depot
Nuts for Walnuts I - Views from Walnut Avenue
Nuts for Walnuts II - Views from Cole Avenue
Cannery Row
The Merge at the Curve
Stan's Brick House and the North Main Street Crossing
Where's Walden? Main Street to the Canal
Not in Pleasant Hill
Distinguishing Sparkle from Las Juntas
Did Phil Bancroft Create Sparkle?
All About the Las Juntas Shelter
Double Crossing Las Juntas Way
The Curious Incident of the Overpass of the Walnut Creek, 1936
Packing Pears at the Bancroft Shed
Minert at Meinert - Introduction and Single Track West End
Reconstructing Meinert's Double Track
Meinert Junction I - The Shelter and the Vestige of Walwood
Meinert Junction II - The Packing Houses and Water Tower
Meinert Curve to Pine Creek at Mile 32
Kilgore was Here at the Concord Yard
Altering San Miguel Road at the End of the Test Track
The Gentle Curve of Monument Boulevard
Comparative Aerial Views of the Concord SN Depot Area
Lost Views - Berkeley Avenue, Concord Mercantile and the City Limit
The Concord Depot - North Views Through Time
The North Side of the Concord Depot and Yard Views
No Streets or Sidewalks Leaving the Depot
Why Students Took the SN to Mt. Diablo High School
Dorenda's Curve and Sweet Adeline
What’s an Ohmer?
Remaking Ohmer Hill
Ohmer and Route 4 - Crossing the Arnold Industrial Highway
From Hay to Golf, The Final Approach to Clyde
North Coast
Where the SN Met the Bay Point and Clayton at Clyde
Was that Photo Taken at Clyde?
The Port Chicago Highway Crossing
The Meeting of the Rails in Bay Point-Port Chicago
Changing Views at the Main Street Crossing
Where SN Passengers Stopped in Bay Point and Port Chicago
Freights and Track Layout at the Port Chicago Station
Along the Atichson, Topeka and the Santa Fe
At Home in Nichols
SP Country, Shore Acres and Big Trees
Switching at McAvoy with Dave Stanley
Getting to Know Shell Point
A Dip in the West Pittsburg Subway
Revision of the West Pittsburg Wye
Coyotes, Palms and the Western Trestle
The Pittsburg Power Plant, Competition and Two More Trestles
The Many Faces of Pittsburg - West 8th St. Bungalows
The Many Faces of Pittsburg - The Depot Area
The Many Faces of Pittsburg - East 8th Extension
How the Battle Over East 8th St. Was Won
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